June 2015 Newsletter

Randy at a Cal Game 2015

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www.randy-thieben Version 2.0 Update

Our website has been updated! randy-thieben.com 2.0 is here! New features: Mobile, tablet, desktop optimized. testimonials, and more!

Congratulations to Randy Thieben, Mike Tomas and more!

CCU is taking inquiries into 2016 offering HUGE discounts for perfered vendors who Pre Book there events/ productions.

This months on location photos including: Randy’s world travels, and the ccu truck in action.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Videographer for Every Production

We’ve all seen it happen before, maybe a few too many times. A new filmmaker gets caught in all the excitement and emotions of creating their first film, and might make a few wrong decisions along the way. One of the most fatal mistakes a filmmaker can make is ignoring sound. Sound can make or break your film.

Buy Lease Rent – New Lease Calculator Tool

Professional video Services offers options for all budgets. You can buy new gear and own it yourself, lease new gear with a $1 buy out option to own the equipment after the lease, or rent our gear for your production.

Recycle, Recharge, Reuse!

Central Coast Uplin is proud to offer green solutions to today’s world. We know how important battery usage is in the world of video and soud Recording.