HARD work never stops the pros at Central Coast Uplink
It’s been another one of those months here at CCU (THANKFULLY!) where the phone keeps ringing about unique and interesting events to uplink and/or film. From fun corporate SMT’s and EFP with great old friends all the way in Vegas to breaking news stories with 1000′ runs to providing mobile “HOTSPOT” capability for a HUGE party to installing KU systems on the roof of our regular clients.. busy. busy. busy.

Were probably not alone here but does it seem like the requests are getting more and more IP based? We at CCU have obtained the latest gear and knowledgeable partners to make those IP based projects happen as smoothly and reliably as all the other KU services you have come to know and trust us for. So don’t be shy when asking for IP services. We would love to quote your next stream, LIVE webcast or bring IP bandwidth to your big project, you will be amazed at our price point.

Plans now are for continued IP integration and to be the ONLY independent IPTV mobile platform in San Francisco, Ca. area

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Like you, I’m living a life on purpose with tons of gratitude and I have achieved more then I could of dreamed of. Not because I’m some super human or better then the rest but rather we stand above the normal because of a intensely hard work ethics, positive attitude, great customer service skills and YOU our incredible client who makes us proud to do the great work we do…. day in and day out.

Thanks for ALL the trust, work and fun over 15 plus years.

WE at CCU stand by our work and try harder then the rest to achieve your exact project goal. On time, under budget and with as little associated stress as possible.
We ARE your “GO TO GUYS” you can trust for your next satellite, IP or video production project. ALWAYS standing by to answer ANY question, supply free estimates and come through %100 on your next important project.